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Gecen ay aldigim ojeler bunlar. Hepsi bu kadar diil bikac eksigim var ama onlar diger ojelerim arasinda karistilar. Bunlari aldiktan sonra baya fakirlestim:D. Daha almamaliyim en azindan bi sure ama ne kadar dayanabilirim bilmiyorum. Once ingilizce kismi yazdim zor kisim o diye, ama suan farkettim ki cok yorulmusum. Bu seferlik ojelerin aciklamalarini turkceye cevirmiycem ama merak ettiginiz herhangi biri olursa mesaj ya da comment atabilirsiniz. Fotograflarini cekip yorum yazabilirim:) Her hangi bi renk kombinasyonu, ya da nail art oneriniz varsa da hic fena olmaz:)

This is my last months haul. It's not the whole thing, I'm missing a few, but they already have mixed with the rest of my collection. I basically gone broke after I bought all these. I probably shouldn't buy any more for a while, but I don't know how long I can stop my self from buying more polish :D Let me give you the names:

From left to right (1):

Inglot 33 Nail art. Double sided (brush and dotting) red polish. It has a very dense and nice color.
Inglot 968. It's a very different yellow, they call this egg yellow over here, but it's not completely that. I think it looks like China glaze-lemon fizz but 968 is a little more shimmery.
Inglot 954. This is a shimmery light green. I can't really define this green either.
Inglot 955. Darkish blue, but not like a navy blue. It's close to my Essie-Lapis of Luxury (next photo) but darker.
Inglot 967. This is my second favorite. It's a dark green-brown metallic color. It's simply amazing.
Inglot 964. This one is also metallic but it's a dark purple.
Inglot 644. Favorite of all. It's a beautiful metallic-shimmery green. I'll do a post about it very soon.
Inglot 618. A red, orange color, closer to orange. It's quiet different from all the oranges and reds I have.

From left to right (2):

Orly Crush On You. This is a very soft orange. Unfortunately it needs more than two coats or maybe even more than three.
Orly Lollipop. A color I wanted for a very long time. It's a lilac, purple color and its really cute.
Essie Knockout Pout. These are a minis, I like buying them, cause this way I can try many colors.
Essie Haute As Hello. Wanted this for a very long time too. It's like China glaze-peachy keen a bit.
Essie Playa Del Platinum. A beautiful beige.
Essie Lapis of Luxury. A dusty blue, very nice color, needs more than two coats.
Sephora Let's Dance. Classic beautiful purple.
Sephora Picnic In the Park. A foresty green, looks like Flormar's neon green(local brand).

From left to right (3):

Pastel 71. Very distinct shimmery blue.
Golden Rose Ceramic 164. Looks like Inglot 644 but way lighter.
Claires 204 double nail art. Two sided blue for nail art.
Golden Rose 109 nail art. Sparkly red with a thin brush.
Claires 60. a military green but it's too dark that it even looks black in photos.
Sevilla 145. Looks like Essie-Sew Psyched which I love.
Rimmel London 28. Sparkly purple. My first rimmel polish and I totally love the color.

If you'd like me to swatch any of them, I'd gladly do that, I'm having a hard time picking polishes to wear anyways:) Also you're very welcome to give me more ideas with color combinations and new nail designs:)

Writing about them I realize there are just too many, but I'm sure a lot of you are like me. (I'm hoping so hahah) Right ? Or am I just trying to justify my addiction:D

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