17 Ocak 2011 Pazartesi

Pinkish crack

Hey guys,

We haven't been able to post for some time now, since we had a bunch of finals to deal with. They are over now yay ! So this one is very simple, and not clearly seen from the photos (sorryyy !) The polish is NOX Twilight Sugar Plum, it's like a duo chrome, it's a beautiful polish and photos don't do it justice. Then I applied Alix Avien's dark blue crack polish. It's simple but I like what it turned out to bee :)

Have fun !!

ps: I tried to come up with a design inspired from my lovely and awesome dog. But couldn't come up with something. Any ideas ?  (Here she is, first one is when she was a lot younger:))

-  CA


Uzun zamandir yazamiyoduk cunku bissuru final vardi. Ama simdi bittileeer :). Bu cok basit ve fotograflarda da cok belli olmuyo zaten:(. Alttaki oje NOX Twilight Sugar Plum, inanilmaz guzel bi oje, duo chrome sayilabilir. Ustune de Alix Avien'in catlatici ojesini surdum. Basit ama guzel oldu bence:)

ps: Bana mukkemmel kopegimi cagristiricak bi dizayn bulmaya calistim ama basaramadim. Herhangi bi fikriniz var mii ? (Ilk fotograf cok kucukken fotografi :))

-  CA

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