22 Ocak 2011 Cumartesi

Wanna be your superhero

Hey guys!

This one is a special request from my boyfriend. He is a huge Marvel and DC fan. And eventually he made me become one too :). I know they don't look perfect but at least they resemble what they're supposed to look, right? :/ . Anyways here are the pictures,

First photo
ring finger: ms marvel
middle finger: wolverine

Second photo
thumb: captain america

Third photo
middle finger: batman
pinkie: ironman (this it the worst one)

Fourth photo
thumb: xmen

-  CA


Bunu yapmami erkek arkadasim istedi. Kendisi inanilmaz bi Marvel ve DC hayrani, sonunda beni de oyle yapti :). Cok mukkemmel gorunmuyolar ama en azindan olmasi gerekene biraz yakinlar, dimi ? :/.

Ilk fotograf
yuzuk parmagi: ms marvel
orta parmak: wolverine

Ikinci fotograf
bas parmak: captain america

Ucuncu fotograf
orta parmak: batman
serce parmak: ironman (en kotusu bu)

Dorduncu fotograf
bas parmak: xmen

-  CA

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