16 Ocak 2011 Pazar


Karen tagged us in her post, Some Number of Things Tag, I love her blog and she's incredibly nice. She's one of the first people ever to follow us on blogspot:) I did it just like she did and shortened it a little bit. Since this is my first "tagged" experience I guess it's better if it's short. :)

Things I want to do before I die:
—Visit Australia like Karen
—Visit Africa. (well basically travel, a LOT)
—Get a job in something related to automobiles.

Things I say all the time: (This is hard since my main language is turkish.)
—Suleyman (that's a funny turkish name, and I say it just because it's funny)
—Dear (I refer basically everyone as dear)
—I love you (Since I basically spend every moment with my boyfriend:) -we go to the same college)
Things I'm good at:
—Being funny

Flaws I need to work on:
—Impatient, very impatient
—Too sarcastic


I'm tagging,

Kendal, I very recently saw her blog, and loved it. She's very creative :)

Deniz(Emerald Sparkled), she's basically awesome, amazing designs, amazing photos. She has very original designs. :)

Nemolatte, has great swatches and beautiful konad designs.

hangiojeyakismazkibana, makes very fun designs especially about G-Dragon, it's really beautiful.

ojedelisi, always has great solutions (where to buy polish, how to store them etc.) :)

ojevitrini, always have great colors that I want to buy.

latifeninkazani, she's very different, and her blog always has something interesting.

You totally don't have to do this, I'm sure you all have bunch of stuff to do, or you might have already done it. So, as I said, that's totally okay.

Thank you guys,

-  CA

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  1. hehe tesekkurler :) yapim madem

  2. hahhaa :D bayıldım ben buna :D cok ılgnc bır fıkır bence bende yapıyorum hemne tatlım ;)

  3. Teşekkürleeeeeeeer ben de yapıcam çok heycanlı :)